We delight in big questions; we believe in bold concepts; we develop forward-thinking and implementable solutions.

Ennead Lab actively applies architectural thinking to investigate challenging issues and intriguing design questions outside the traditional boundaries of architectural practice. Building upon our firm’s history of civic and institutional engagement, we collaborate on diverse research questions and impactful pro-active design projects. To date, Ennead Lab has:

  • Initiated and continues to develop The Water Alert and Testing Resource (WALTER);
  • Developed an award-winning design strategy for coastal community re-construction for the FARROC design competition;
  • Explored the Electric Car Charging Tower;
  • Partnered with the United Nations to rethink refugee settlements;
  • Consulted for the Xuhui District Planning Authority of Shanghai to conceptualize activation strategies for underutilized public spaces;
  • Collaborated with Mary Miss to establish Broadway as the new “green corridor” of New York City;
  • Developed a master plan for supportive housing for Heroic Food, a non-profit organization providing farm and agricultural training to military veterans;
  • Collaborated with the Audubon Society and respected ornithologists to develop a testing protocol and LEED test credit for bird-friendly glass technologies;

Contact Amy Mielke, Director of Ennead Lab at info@enneadlab.org for all inquiries.