Community 02

Given the price of homeownership in many urban areas has skyrocketed and communities are being displaced at an unprecedented rate, we propose an affordable, adaptable, and responsible design for starting families, paving the way for reduced gentrification through increased homeownership.

Using cutting-edge 3D-printing technology to its fullest potential, these homes can be entirely printed.

Courtyard 03 Laundry Area
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The 3D-printed roof is comprised of arched leaves, designed to be raised into place onto load-bearing walls. The entire structure operates under compression, thereby reducing the necessity for rebar/steel as well as a reduction in our embodied carbon footprint. With the right formulation of concrete, the construction of these homes could even achieve carbon positivity. Furthermore, the roof serves a dual purpose by directing water into a structurally integrated cistern, which can be pumped for irrigation and greywater reuse in the community facilities.

Courtyard 04 Gardening

In addition to printing the roof, our design embraces the freedom inherent in 3D-printing by providing beautiful and customizeable designs. Future occupants can adjust the facade of their homes based on parameters such as size of desired apertures, depth of facade, and the addition of accessories. A secondary option for customization is the ability to combine two units and modify the interior layout.

Community 02

The design allows for homes to be expanded by combining two units through a shared demising wall. This adaptation can happen long after construction, allowing for adaptation without rebuilding.


Ennead Architects / Ennead Lab

  • Mariana Bravo
  • Alan Cation
  • Sam Johnson
  • Aidan Kim
  • Masha Konopleva
  • Wentaue Liu
  • Colin Matthews
  • Robinson Strong