As Miami’s neighborhoods continue to gentrify, rent increases are driving long-term residents out of their communities. Local affordable housing developments are insufficient and do not allow for home ownership. How can we design a single-family home prototype that the local workforce can afford and that cultivates a sense of community?

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A developer native of Liberty City, David Wilson, has strong ties to the local community and is passionate about building affordable housing that allows residents to remain rooted in their neighborhoods. Wilson has been acquiring empty or condemned lots throughout the neighborhood and building infill, single-family homes. With the help of city and county subsidies, he is able to sell these homes to the local workforce at a reduced rate.



We were tasked with designing three single-family house prototypes for Liberty City's unique conditions that would appeal to the general public and could improve the overall neighborhood. Prototypes are 1500-1600 sq. ft., 3-bedroom homes for the typical 50’ x 120’ lot.


Miami’s climate and the unique culture of Liberty City substantially shaped the prototype designs.

To respond to the local environment, the prototypes address the ever-present intensity of the sun. Careful solar orientation and the use of overhangs help to control light and reduce heat inside the homes. Interiors are also cooled by way of high ceilings that generate cross ventilation over living spaces, allowing hot air to rise. While the neighborhood is mostly out of the FEMA flood zone, the prototypes are designed to comply with requirements for the worst case condition and are raised two feet above the ground. In order to create a diverse and vibrant neighborhood, prototypes employ variation through a kit of parts that promote security, community and character.

Due to their compact plans, the prototypes focus on maximizing livable area through efficient space planning. Large, open living and dining spaces adjacent to shaded outdoor rooms help capitalize on outdoor living available in the tropical climate.



Sp 2 Plan1
Sp 4 Interior View
Sp 3 Section Perspective

Florida Room

Fr 2 Plan1
Fr 4 Interior View
Fr 3 Section Perspective


Cy 2 Plan1
Cy 4 Interior View
Cy 3 Section Perspective


David Wilson