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The first in a series of 3D-printed design products from Ennead Lab, the Lewan Lamp marries Modernism’s ideal of affordable high design with the ever-increasing possibilities of 21st-century digital fabrication.

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Inspired by the craft, depth, and beauty of cast glass and the design precedents of earlier cutting-edge materials like Bakelite, the Lewan leverages a zero waste process and the fabrication marks of 3D printing to turn PLA plastic filament – a simple, inexpensive material – into a surface with depth and visual exuberance that truly comes alive when backlighted.

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Like a fingerprint, the Lewan Lamp balances ubiquity with uniqueness. It combines a simple volume with a Truchet tiling pattern of curving modular forms, creating a delicate balance between the lamp’s structural and light-diffusing needs.

The result is a stunning lamp that fits practically any interior aesthetic, lending warmth, texture, and 21st century design to your living room, office, or bedroom.

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Lewan Screen 3-D Prototype

Expanding upon the scale of the Lewan Lamp, with Additive Engineering Solutions, we are exploring the boundaries of large-scale 3-D printing.