2019 12 09 Green Shed Formatting8

The phenomenon of trash bags piled in the streets not only brings inconvenience to the pedestrian traffic but also causes health issues. To create a successful waste management system, we need to educate the public and establish rules for recycling, composting, and landfill. How can we use design to educate people about composting and cultivate a sense of civic responsibility? How can we use design to promote a healthier environment and recycling system to protect our planet Earth?

2019 12 09 Green Shed Formatting

The Green Shed serves as a composting station, educational kiosk, social space, and community engagement tool. Local residents and passersby who wish to compost can come to the Green Shed for an easy and fun composting experience.

2019 12 09 Green Shed Formatting8
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The Green Shed will offer pedestrians and bus passengers a comfortable space to relax, socialize, and learn about useful composting and the community. The Green Shed includes a kiosk which relays transit updates, municipal updates, an index of local attractions, and waste streams.

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The two-layer design of the composting bin separates new and old compost, allowing for direct access to compost that is ready to be picked up.

The modular system will allow the shed to grow and host more functions as the demand gradually grows. The materials will be recycled wood framing, offering a comfort of texture and color along the streetscape.

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