Broadway 1000 11

How can issues of sustainability be made visible to the public? And more broadly, how might artists and architects transform existing public spaces into informal learning environments through the design of temporary layers of civic engagement?


BROADWAY: 1000 Steps is an initiative of Mary Miss Studio/CaLL to establish Broadway as the new “green corridor” of New York City where current and planned sustainability initiatives, such as those outlined in the City’s PlaNYC (April 2011), will be made tangible to its citizens.

Broadway1000 1

Pedestrians encounter eye-catching poles with clusters of mirrors and provocative images or words affixed to them. Mirrors reflect the viewers’ own image and highlight sustainability science issues; viewers see themselves and their city in a different context— an interpretive strategy that brings focus to the city as an ecosystem with sustainability challenges that are part of every citizen’s daily life.

This initiative leverages an exceptional partnership of scientists, artists, architects and community representatives and harnesses the distinctive capacity of art and design to develop temporary layers of civic engagement, transforming existing public spaces into informal learning interfaces.



Mary Miss Studio

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